• Established 1984. Multilingual Communication Service Company

Corporate Philosophy

The Origin of the “Omega” Name

Omega Communications, Inc. (formerly Omega-Com, Inc.) was founded in July 1984 by three language specialists: Norio Okawa, Frederic P. Metreaud and Richard L. Gage.

The “Omega” of our company’s name comes from the first letters in each founding member’s name. It is also the final letter of the Greek alphabet, symbolizing “the ultimate” and “the supreme.”

The word “Omega” expresses our quest to be the best in the communication business.


Our Mission

We will support Japanese companies and organizations in cross-cultural communication through quality writing, translation and creative work.

We will contribute to cross-cultural exchange and international communication in the four fields of CSR/environmental reports, tourism, Buddhism, and education.
We will provide information to make life more enjoyable for non-Japanese residents of Japan.

We will promote the development and publishing of new Internet-based information media.

We will make Omega Communications a rewarding place for all who gather here.


Our Guidelines

In addition to seeking profit appropriately, we will strive to maintain and improve service quality as well as try to reduce our own labor burdens.

We will strive to create and maintain a workplace in which human relations are friendly and open.

We will strive to create and maintain a comfortable and clean work environment.
We will ensure that our relationships with all are honest, fair and in good faith.

We will act with awareness of reducing environmental burdens and other social responsibilities.