• Established 1984. Multilingual Communication Service Company

Message from the President

We are upholding the company’s founding ideal of encouraging intercultural communication by offering comprehensive communication services

Omega Communications, Inc. (formerly Omega-Com, Inc.) was founded in 1984 with the aim of providing quality writing, translation and creative work through intercultural communication services.

In 2011, we became a subsidiary of the Shobi Printing Group. Pairing our quality translation and other language-related services with Shobi Printing Co., Ltd.’s superior printing and digital production capabilities, we are poised to enter new fields.

In July 2015, the Shobi Printing Group’s head office moved due to urban redevelopment, and we took that opportunity to change our corporate name to Omega Communications, Inc., the company’s original name, connecting person to person, company to company, and nation to nation as multi-language communication specialists. By putting “communication” back into our name, we are upholding the company’s founding ideal of encouraging intercultural communication not only through our existing translation and media production activities but also by offering comprehensive communication services.

Intercultural communication is synonymous with understanding countries and people with different cultures, societies and customs. In keeping with our motto of “bridging cultures through communication,” we learn to accept each other’s differences and wish to build a society where mutual understanding can flourish. We also hope that this aspiration will contribute in some small way to peace throughout the world.

Remaining true to this aspiration, we will continue working diligently to serve our clients. I thank you for your support and encouragement and look forward to your continued consideration of Omega Communications, Inc.

Masanobu Yonehara
President and Representative Director
Omega Communications, Inc.